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A number of dedicated sorceror-magicians, witches and pagans  dedicated their time, energy & talent to The KHAOAMUSICA Tarot project.





Painter, sculptor, illustrator and writer. Lives and works in North Yorkshire, England, where the wild moors meet the sea. Studied and lectured in Fine Art and Contemporary Theatre, whilst undertaking extensive research into the seminal Ankoku Buto (Dance of Utter Darkness).  One time editor and publisher of quarterly journals, Ocular and Masque, a variety of her writings and illustrations have been published on the small press circuit. She is  the creator of the Singing Serpent Tarot, Tarot of Sidney Sime, Decadent Dream Tarot, Nursery Crymes The Oracle and also the Nursery Crymes dolls.


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A unique and highly unusual band consisting of members who are actual dolls rather than humans. Formed in 2012 they played their first gig at the Festival of the Chariots   in Dublin, Ireland in the same year. Frightened by the applause and screams of adulation they subsequently refuse further bookings to play live.



D.S. West is a writer and artsy-person from Colorado. His fiction has appeared in Crack the Spine, Loud Zoo, and Beyond Imagination. He identifies a little too much with the Fool card and makes regular use of his slow cooker.

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Birthed from the Backwoods of South Jersey, Amun DiSalvatron wandered to the Big City for a Degree from The University of the Arts in Painting/Drawing. While there, He developed within Himself Techniques of Wood, Metal, Glass, Stone, Casting, Printing, Photography, Plasticity, Meditation, Mischief, and Magick. Attempting to blend Harmony and Chaos into Artworks, He lives Creating Daily. . . To Live The Path of The Zen Cyberian Chaoshaman.

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Gareth Mason is a multi-instrumentalist, musician and writer based in Cornwall, UK. When he isn’t too busy penning idiosyncratic allegories for international baked goods/death-metal collective Slice The Cake, composing tortured musical epithets under the moniker of Fissures or riding the waves of his home-brewed psychadelic soundscapes as Musica Masonica he can be found gazing pensively at the various Cornish flora and fauna or at home pontificating in the company of a mischievous black cat.

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Nicole Edgecomb grew up singing and playing trumpet in jazz and dance bands in Eastern Maine.  She studied Jazz Voice at New England Conservatory and spent the subsequent decade gigging freely in Boston and touring nationally with various world music, fusion, and dark music projects on voice, trumpet, keyboard, and percussion.  She currently lends her hand to various underground multimedia performance art endeavors and has worked as a tarot reader and expressive arts therapist since 2003.  In addition to doing freelance music production at home with her partner, she continues to covertly cultivate her original music projects, Faebotica and Vasariah.  Nicole is also a contributing artist and curator at Black Iron Kisses.

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Mike Walls is a terminally snarky musician, recording/mixing/mastering

engineer, producer, sound designer, foley artist, occasional painter, decent cook, coffee lover, and friend to all cats from Baltimore MD.

He cannot be killed by conventional means.


(AKA Jaduhara Indradhanusa, Rainbow Mage, JAS, and Norman Mystic).


Born 1966 in Pheonix. 1988 attended one year of art school at University of Oklahoma

Dropped out and went to LA where an attempt to become a rock icon failed. Pursues  psych-nursing as career of choice and plants roots in the OKC freak culture of the Flaming Lips.   A slip on thin ice simultaneously ends his career and won him means to complete a BA in Religious Studies at the University of Oklahoma.  In 2012 a stroke results in a brain rewire and against all odds he discovers abilities to tap the current of Chaos! In a move considered bizarre at best he proclaims himself psychonaut and psychopomp: Unapologetic spelunker and cartographer of the collective consciousness. In Norman, Oklahoma he continues to build upon this legacy, producing fine works of art and conducting digital means of divination, evocation, and shadow integration.

He conducts these outrageousæmangelic-Alchemy-933746513372247/?__mref=message_bubble



Eleanor Boyce and South African born Lorenz Penkler first teamed up within the halls of academia to create and produce work for an original and innovative multi-media performance for theatre created by Eleanor, entitled 'Usher'. Though no longer in collaboration the work they created together holds a lasting legacy. The short piece included for this current project is a re-working, layering and re-mixing of a few tiny extracts of a piece from their previous work together.



(The Unearthly Demagogue)


Drone Ambient Alchemist & Psychedelic Visual Artist; The Last Honest Academic Member Of The Temple Of Funeral Doom Laughter, The Serial Generator And Operator Of Nuclear-Level Noise Holograms & The Devoted Practitioner Of Creative Improvisation And Kaleidoscopia Martial Arts. Infinite Psychedelic Imagination & Unorthodox Cutting Edge Humor Are Humbly And Lightly Guaranteed.

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Norman, Oklahoma.

Creatůre Stḁte was imagined with the foresight of telling stories with sounds, translating poetry into music, and processing visions into concepts.


All music composed and produced by Nicholas C.S.



Dave the Flute is a Traditional Witch and Pagan Musician from the ancient kingdom of Mercia in England. Named 'the Flute' not for being a flute player but for being the instrument through which Awen can play. His music is seldom recorded though a CD of trance based music, “A Dream of Fishes” can still be bought via itunes etc. Seldom, because he now works with ephemeral music and the reality of transience. Once a piece is played it is never played again. So this CD is a bit of a departure for him. "I loved doing it but my path does not require lots of likes, sales and adoration. Thus no links. If I sing to the forests that is enough for me. Live in peace and sing your song out loud".





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South African born mystic, author and artist Heather Mendel lives in Upstate New York with her husband, where she works from her studio, A Word of Art. Her passionate interest in the inter-realtionship of the concealed and revealed in our evolving belief patterns has been the impetus for the words and images seen in her work, all based on universal teachings from diverse spiritual wisdom traditions. She has authored 3 books and illustrated 2 card decks, 'The Syzygy Oracle' and 'The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle.'

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Felix Vaughn Cheyne is a researcher, graphic and fine artist, and artisan of some talent and ability. A perrenialist, a philosopher, a seeker of knowledge, and a human rights advocate, his work on human rights and the liberation of oppressed people has been translated into German, Dutch, Ukrainian, and several other languages. Felix studies the practical and philosophical implications of nanotechnology, the singularity, transhumanism and posthumanism, and artificial intelligence, and is an expert in the history, chemistry, and use of entheogenic sacraments. Quite interested in music, Felix has been involved in sound design for the last 28 years, using vintage synthesizers and samplers as his primary tools; he also builds and modifies valve amplifiers for fun and for their harmonic-production capabilities, and he has produced music on a semi-professional basis. Considered a prodigy of sorts, as a child he provided an engineering solution for Ferrari and he has contributed to the fund of human knowledge in the fields of neurochemistry, quantum mechanics, sound reproduction, and applied sound design/acousical engineering. He has also produced many works of art and artistry on a professional basis.




Broadcast Journalist, Public Relations, Radio, Human Rights, IT Tech, Spoken Word Poet, Published Author.

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M.M.W. (Deceased)


M.M.W. (Deceased) aka Martin Michael Wilkinson was a Chaos Magician/Gardnerian Witch, Taoist, Numerologist and talented artist who died tragically young. He is part of this project in spirit. Artwork featured in the deck was donated by his widow, Eleanor Boyce.