Maryanne Babji 'insects' Maryanne Babji 'insects' Maryanne Babji 'insects'


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Maryanne Babji 'insects' Maryanne Babji 'insects' Maryanne Babji 'insects' Maryanne Babji 'insects' Maryanne Babji 'insects'


Maryanne Babji 'insects'

The KHAOAMUSICA Tarot  consists of an extended Majors deck, CD and Companion Book.


The deck, 22 trumps, plus additional trump card, four Element cards and title, info. cards, is professionally printed on 320 gm premium quality linen card stock and is standard Tarot size at 2.75" x 4.75".  It is shrink wrapped and presented in a glossy customised box, labelled and numbered.  


The CD is a hard copy, featuring 23 tracks, professionally mastered and duplicated, with custom disc label, presented in a standard jewel case,  incorporates a six page booklet, and is labelled, numbered . 70 minutes of fabulous music!


The companion book includes essays, individual descriptions and divinatory meanings of the cards, potential spreads and an epic poem. The book is a down-loadable and printable PDF or  as a professionally printed 5 x 8 soft cover book, 200+ pages, dated, numbered and signed (by the contributor, editor and project manager, Eleanor Boyce) for those wishing to have all three components as collectables.  




The KHAOAMUSICA Tarot is a special first edition collectable package with a  limited print run of just 100 copies!!!

Majors Deck/CD/PDF Book

Price: £30.00 plus P&P



UK: £5.50



EUROPE: £7.50






A special code will be included in the package for each purchaser to use for down-loading the book.


UK: £3.95



EUROPE: £5.95






Softcover Book

Price: £18.00 plus P&P

Released: Samhain  - 31st October 2015

Majors Deck/CD/Softcover Book

Price: £48.00 plus P&P

UK:  £5.50



EUROPE: £7.50







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