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A Meeting of Magicians

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Maryanne Babji 'insects' Maryanne Babji 'insects' Maryanne Babji 'insects' Maryanne Babji 'insects' Maryanne Babji 'insects'



(Audio-Image Fusion of Keys of the Major Arcana.)


There is something very special about the convergence and translation of creative works into differing genres, when painting gives rise to music, music to poetry, poetry to dance and all the vice-versas and many other possibilities between. It is as if a new and distinct entity has been birthed, something mysterious, unseen, quiet, yet stimulating and exciting. The KHAOAMUSICA Tarot is certainly infused with its own numinousity as a unique juxtaposition and blend of visual image, music, poetry and prose, and proves to be much more than the sum of its parts, as any who seriously engage with it will soon discover. The kaleidoscopic patterning of colour, music and words bring to life the archetypal world in a way that no other Tarot before it has ever been able to do.  It acts simultaneously on differing levels to stir the Deep Self from its slumber, to aid study, meditation, divination, and quickens the step on the journey through the Atu, causing it to dance rather than plod. Suitable for beginner and experienced cartomancer alike, student, researcher, collector or simply lover of the arts, this Tarot is surely a treasure the discerning would seek to possess.





The KHAOAMUSICA Tarot was initially sparked by an inspirational idea of Eleanor Boyce communicated within the confines of a Chaos Magick group on a social media site in early December 2014.  It quickly attracted attention from a few artists and musicians and, almost immediately, a separate and elite group was formed to begin to undertake its creation. From this seminal beginning, and after attracting more members and a few members leaving, including three of the original ones whose places were quickly filled, the group cemented into a small, but dedicated conglomerate of magicians, witches and pagans. Given that the majority of those making up this group, hitherto strangers to each other, live and work in varying areas of the United States, England, France, Greece, and one even in the Middle East, communication was, and is still, solely via internet connection. That such a cold and limited medium could ignite and continue to sustain the creative fire and enthusiasm over the many months the project required for completion is magick in itself, and a testimony to the dedication and professionalism of the artists, musicians and writers involved. Each artist, musician and writer worked freely and independently. In many cases the image inspired the music, in some it was the other way round,  and in one or two instances image and music were simply coupled with surprisingly good results. Each piece was eagerly anticipated, and as each piece was submitted it reverberated with so much energy as to change all the others it came to be amongst, the whole taking on a different hue and tone by its arrival. The process was one of continual surprise for the creatives involved in bringing the project it to fruition and completion.



The KHAOAMUSICA Tarot Package


The Tarot package consists of a quality printed card deck, professionally mastered and duplicated hard copy music CD, and a book in downloadable PDF and soft cover paperback formats. The deck is an extended 'Majors only' consisting of original artworks of the customary twenty-two Atu, plus one extra, entitled Enigma, falling between The Universe and The Fool. In addition to these are four Element cards for Earth, Air, Fire and Water (the handler of the cards would themselves provide the fifth Element of Aether/Spirit). Included are also a title card, introduction card and a card listing and crediting artists and musicians . A custom designed box holds all thirty cards. For each of the twenty-three Atu a corresponding piece of music has been composed and appears the CD which is presented in a jewel case and is inclusive of a four page booklet. The book includes essays, individual  descriptions of the cards along with divinatory meanings, illustrated spreads and an epic poem. The first edition of The KHAOAMUSICA Tarot package is limited to just 100 labelled and numbered copies and, therefore, destined, in a relatively short period of time, to become a rare collectors item.



Limited Edition


100 Copies








Available  for Purchase Now!

Maryanne Babji 'insects'


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